Meet Our Preferred Builders

Build the home of your dreams with our trusted, preferred builders.

Highland Design & Construction

Highland Design & Construction is a family-owned company spanning three generations of builders, carpenters, and craftsmen. They pride themselves on taking the time to thoroughly understand their clients’ needs, wishes, and budget. They work effectively with the architect or designer to create a home that is extremely functional, beautiful, and cost effective. This coupled with quality materials and skilled craftsmanship assures that each project surpasses all expectations.

Morgan-Keefe Builders

As a premier luxury home builder, Morgan-Keefe is constantly inspired by the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. It is upon this canvas that Morgan-Keefe Builders creates its beautiful, luxury homes. Their goal is to provide the best luxury home by paying close attention to every detail, viewing every project as a well-planned, collaborative masterpiece in the making. Their subcontractors consist of artisans, stone masons, and craftsmen, and each is inspired by their exacting standards, highly-evolved processes, and the supportive MKB team.

Mountain Sky Builders

Mountain Sky Builders provides turn-key construction, design consulting, and project management for multimillion dollar projects. With their experienced staff, they build each home with integrity by focusing on every detail, from initial plans to finishing touches, resulting in an effortless process for their clients. They follow LEED practices and engage in environmentally conscious organic reclamation projects, using repurposed materials where applicable. All the while keeping environmental sustainability and materials with a sustainability path at the forefront of design.