A Hidden Gem: Unveiling the Charming Holiday Traditions of Saluda, NC

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Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Saluda, North Carolina, is just quick drive from Bright’s Creek. The town exudes a quaint charm that becomes even more enchanting during the holiday season. As winter descends upon this hidden gem, Saluda unveils a collection of heartwarming holiday traditions that reflect the town’s tight-knit community and embrace the spirit of the mountains. Join us as we explore the festive customs that make visiting Saluda during the holidays a truly magical experience.

  • Saluda Hometown Christmas: The highlight of the holiday season in Saluda is undoubtedly the Saluda Hometown Christmas celebration. The picturesque streets of Saluda come alive with holiday decorations during this annual event. Local businesses and residents participate in a friendly competition to adorn their storefronts and homes with festive lights, wreaths, and decorations. The result is a charming winter wonderland that invites residents and visitors alike to take leisurely strolls and soak in the holiday spirit. This year’s celebration is scheduled for Friday, December 8.
  • Open House at Historic Shops: Saluda’s historic downtown is home to a collection of unique shops and galleries. During the holiday season, many of these establishments open their doors for special open house events. Visitors can explore the quaint boutiques, enjoy complimentary treats, and discover locally crafted gifts that capture the essence of Saluda’s artistic community.
  • Catch Live Seasonal Music: Saluda’s rich musical heritage takes center stage during the holiday season with special mountain music concerts. Local musicians showcase their talents with festive tunes, from fiddles to banjos, the soulful melodies create a musical backdrop that resonates with the heart and history of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Be sure to check out the Cowboy Judy Christmas Extravaganza at the Purple Onion on Saturday, December 10!
  • Charles Dickens Dinner at the Orchard Inn: The holidays are a special time of the year, and the Orchard Inn has created some holiday traditions of their very own. Every year, guests of the inn gather for our Charles Dickens Dinners. Dine by candlelight with readings from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to get into the holiday spirit. They have expanded nights to the 2023 calendar, so call ahead for availability!

The foothill towns that surround Bright’s Creek come alive during the holidays. The holiday season is not just a time of year; it’s a celebration of community, creativity, and the timeless beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There are so many quaint towns that surround Bright’s Creek and we invite you to learn more about what makes this region so special.

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